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Übersetzung durch Prof. Dr. Michael Bohlander und Prof. Wolfgang Schomburg

Translation provided by Prof. Dr. Michael Bohlander and Prof. Wolfgang Schomburg

Entnommen aus/Quoted from: Schomburg/Lagodny/Gleß/Hackner, Internationale Rechtshilfe in Strafsachen, 5. Auflage 2012, Verlag C.H.Beck

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 1 des Gesetzes vom 21. Juli 2012 (BGBl. I S. 1566)
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/irg/BJNR020710982.html.

Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 1 of the Act of 21 July 2012 (Federal Law Gazette I, 1566)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/irg/BJNR020710982.html.

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For conditions governing use of this translation, please see the information provided under "Translations".

Part I.
Scope of Application
Section 1Scope of Application
Part II.
Extradition to a Foreign State
Section 2Principle
Section 3Extradition for the Purpose of Prosecution or Enforcement
Section 4Extradition for Additional Offences
Section 5Reciprocity
Section 6Political Offences, Political Prosecution
Section 7Military Offences
Section 8Death Penalty
Section 9Concurrent Jurisdiction
Section 9aExtradition and Proceedings before International Criminal Courts
Section 10Extradition Documents
Section 11Rule of Speciality
Section 12Granting Extradition
Section 13Jurisdiction Ratione Materiae
Section 14Jurisdiction Ratione Loci
Section 15Extradition Detention
Section 16Provisional Extradition Detention
Section 17Extradition Arrest Warrant
Section 18Measures to Determine the Whereabouts of the Person Sought
Section 19Provisional Arrest
Section 20Notification
Section 21Procedure after Arrest Pursuant to an Extradition Arrest Warrant
Section 22Procedure after Arrest
Section 23Decision on Objections Raised by the Person Sought
Section 24Repeal of Extradition Arrest Warrant
Section 25Stay of Execution of Extradition Arrest Warrant
Section 26Review of Detention
Section 27Execution of Detention
Section 28Examination of the Person Sought
Section 29Request for a Decision Concerning the Admissibility of Extradition
Section 30Preparation of Decision
Section 31Oral Hearing
Section 32Decision on Admissibility of Extradition
Section 33Reconsideration of Decision on Admissibility of Extradition
Section 34Detention for the Purpose of Safeguarding Extradition
Section 35Extension of Scope of Granted Extradition
Section 36Transfer to a Third State
Section 37Temporary Extradition
Section 38Handing Over of Objects in Extradition Proceedings
Section 39Search and Seizure
Section 40Assistance of Counsel
Section 41Simplified Extradition
Section 42Preliminary Rulings on Legal Issues by the Bundesgerichtshof
Part III.
Section 43Admissibility of Transit
Section 44Jurisdiction
Section 45Transit Proceedings
Section 46Transit in Case of Temporary Extradition
Section 47Unscheduled Landing in Case of Transport by Air
Part IV.
Assistance through Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Section 48Principle
Section 49Additional Prerequisites for Admissibility of Assistance
Section 50Jurisdiction Ratione Materiae
Section 51Jurisdiction ratione loci
Section 52Preparation of Decision
Section 53Assistance of Counsel
Section 54Conversion of Foreign Sentence
Section 55Decision Concerning Enforceability
Section 56Granting Assistance
Section 56aCompensation of the Injured Party
Section 56bAgreement on Disposal, Return and Distribution of Seized Assets
Section 57Enforcement
Section 57aCosts of enforcement
Section 58Measures Safeguarding Enforcement
Part V.
Other Assistance (Mutual Legal Assistance)
Section 59Admissibility of Assistance
Section 60Rendering Assistance
Section 61Decision of the Court
Section 61aTransmission of Personal Data Without Request
Section 61bJoint Investigation Teams
Section 61cAudiovisual Examination
Section 62Temporary Transfer to a Foreign Country for Foreign Proceedings
Section 63Temporary Transfer from a Foreign Country for Foreign Proceedings
Section 64Transporting Witnesses in Transit
Section 65Transport in Transit to Enforce Sentence
Section 66Handing Over of Objects
Section 67Search and Seizure
Section 67aLegal Assistance to International Criminal Courts, InterState and Supranational Institutions
Part VI.
Requests Addressed to Foreign Countries
Section 68Return to a Foreign Country
Section 69Temporary Transfer from a Foreign Country for German Proceedings
Section 70Temporary Transfer to a Foreign Country for German Proceedings
Section 71Request for Enforcement
Section 71aAgreements as to Disposal, Return and Distribu-tion of Seized Assets
Section 72Conditions
Part VII.
Applicable General Regulations
Section 73Limitations on Assistance (Ordre Public)
Section 74Federal Jurisdiction
Section 74aInternational Criminal Courts, InterState and Supranational Institutions
Section 75Costs
Section 76Assurances of Reciprocity
Section 77Application of Procedural Rules
Section 77aElectronic Communication and Dossier
Section 77bAuthorisation to Pass Secondary Legislation
Part VIII.
Extradition and Transit between Member States of the European Union
Paragraph 1.
General Provisions
Section 78Precedence of Part VIII
Section 79Duty to Grant Assistance; Preliminary Decision
Paragraph 2.
Extradition to a Member State of the European Union
Section 80Extradition of German Citizens
Section 81Extradition for the Purpose of Prosecution and Enforcement
Section 82Non-Applicability of Provisions
Section 83Additional Conditions of Admissibility
Section 83aExtradition Documents
Section 83bObstacles to Granting an Application
Section 83cTime Limits
Section 83dRelease of the Person Sought
Section 83eInterrogation of the Person Sought
Paragraph 3.
Transit to a Member State of the European Union
Section 83fTransit
Section 83gTransport by Air
Paragraph 4.
Requests for Extradition to a Member State of the European Union
Section 83hRule of Speciality
Section 83iNotification about Delays
Part IX.
Assistance by Enforcement to Member States of the European Union
Paragraph 1.
Custodial Sanctions
Section 84Incoming Requests
Section 85Outgoing Requests
Paragraph 2.
Financial Penalties
Subparagraph 1.
General Provisions
Section 86Precedence
Subparagraph 2.
Incoming Requests
Section 87Principle
Section 87aDocumentation
Section 87bPrerequisites of Admissibility
Section 87cPreparation of the Decision Granting Assistance
Section 87dDuty to Grant Assistance
Section 87eAssistance of Counsel
Section 87fGranting Enforcement
Section 87gJudicial Procedure
Section 87hDecision of the Court after Objection
Section 87iJudicial Decision upon Request by Authority Granting Enforcement; Granting Enforcement
Section 87jAppeal on Points of Law
Section 87kLeave to Appeal on Points of Law
Section 87lComposition of the Senates of the Oberlandesgericht
Section 87mNe bis in idem; Notice to the Bundeszentralregister
Section 87nEnforcement
Subparagraph 3.
Outgoing Requests
Section 87oPrinciple
Section 87pDomestic Enforcement Procedure
Paragraph 3.
Confiscation and Deprivation
Section 88Principle
Section 88aPrerequsisites of Admissibility
Section 88bDocumentation
Section 88cGrounds for Refusal
Section 88dProcedure
Section 88eEnforcement
Section 88fDistribution of Revenue
Section 89Provisional Asset Freezing Measures
Section 90Outgoing Requests
Part X.
Other Legal Assistance with the Member States of the European Union
Paragraph 1.
General Provisions
Section 91Precedence of Part X
Paragraph 2.
Specific Forms of Legal Assistance
Section 92Transmission of Information Including Personal Data to Member States of the European Union
Section 92aContent of Request
Section 92bUse of Information Including Personal Data Transmitted according to Framework Decision 2006/960/JHA
Section 92cData Transmission without Request
Section 93Joint Investigation Teams
Section 94Requests for Freezing, Seizure and Search
Section 95Documentation for Freezing Requests
Section 96Duty to Grant Freezing Measures
Section 97Requests for Handing Over of Evidence
Part XI.
Final Provisions
Section 98Reservation as to Application; Operational Date
Section 99Restriction of Fundamental Constitutional Rights